Connecting European Neuroscience

About the Journal

EJN is FENS Journal. FENS, EJN and Wiley (co-owner of EJN) collaborate to support several research awards and educational activities, thereby returning proceeds generated by EJN to the neuroscience community. EJN is free online to all the members of FENS societies.

Welcome message from the co-editors in chief

"We are both extremely passionate about the European Journal of Neuroscience. EJN is your journal and our responsibility is to you. We look forward to interacting with the international neuroscience research community in taking EJN forward, with new publishing initiatives that help maintain and expand upon the scholary standards of the journal, which is published on behalf of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS)."


Paul Bolam
University of Oxford, UK
John Foxe
University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
Rochester, USA


See the full Editorial Board here.

FENS President Professor Monica Di Luca welcomes the new team of EJN editors in chief

“Conditions for scientific publishing are constantly evolving. The continued thriving and strengthening of EJN as a first-choice neuroscience journal is vital for FENS and is, in my view, intimately linked to the vision and engagement of the journal’s scientific leadership. Representing complementary expertise and approaches, I have full confidence that Paul Bolam and John Foxe are ideally qualified to face these challenges and to maintain and strengthen the status of EJN as a high-ranking, broad neuroscience journal for all our colleagues in Europe and beyond”.