Connecting European Neuroscience

Good reasons to publish in EJN

- Editorial Board consists of recognised international experts 

  • - Rapid, rigorous and fair peer-review process
  • - No editorial rejection on basis of what is fashionable in neuroscience 
  • - EJN is free to view for all FENS and SFN members
  • - There is no cost to publish 
  • - We publish primary research papers, reviews, editorials and ‘Neuro-Opinions’
  • - Special Issues.  We are open to suggestions about special issue on any topic or associated with a meeting and remember, there is no cost.

New initiatives include: 

- Fast-track reviewing

  • - Registered reports
  • - ’Your paper your way’ (don’t re-format paper submitted elsewhere, just send it as it is)

FENS members have free access to EJN online. 

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European Journal of Neuroscience

EJN is the journal of FENS. EJN publishes original articles and reviews from all over the world, in all areas of neuroscience.


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Special Issue Call for Papers: Neural Oscillations

This special issue seeks to bring together a series of empirical papers, targeted reviews and opinion pieces that will lay out the latest understanding of the neurobiological architecture underlying oscillatory activity as well as its functional role in perception and higher cognition. Submission Deadline: 1 July 2017.