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10 World Congress on Cell & Stem Cell Research

March 19th, 2018 to March 21st, 2018
New York, United States

Stem Cell Research, Cell Biology, Therapeutics

About the Event

"To Whom It May Concern, please treat this communication as very important and need urgent acknowledgement from Conferenceseries LLC. The purpose of this letter is to formally invite Members to attend as speakers “10th World Congress and Expo on Cell & Stem Cell Research” going to be held during March 19-21, 2018 New York, USA. Conference theme: “The Novel Stem Cell Research: It is not growing It Is Exploding”. For further information please visit our website: Anticipating your earliest acknowledgement Regards, Jessie Casper, Program Manager Stem Cell Research 2018 Tel: +1-702-508-5200 Ext: 8062 ."


Jessie Casper
New York, USA


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