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JobID Position City Country Institution Deadline
12918 Ph.D. Student Ulm Germany Ulm University 2017/05/21
12914 Ph.D. Student Tübingen Germany Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics
12913 Post-doctoral position Ann Arbor USA University of Michigan
12912 Post-doctoral position Charlottesville USA University of Virginia School of Medicine 2017/05/15
12911 Ph.D. Student Homburg/Saar Germany University of Saarland 2017/05/15
12910 Post-doctoral position Bern Switzerland University of Bern 2017/06/30
12909 Ph.D. Student Rome Italy Sapienza University Of Rome 2017/05/02
12908 Ph.D. Student Haifa Israel University of Haifa
12907 Post-doctoral position Haifa Israel University of Haifa
12894 Post-doctoral position Bergen Norway University of Bergen 2017/06/01
12893 Research Assistant (Maternity cover) Cambridge UK University of Cambridge 2017/05/26
12892 Post-doctoral position Reading UK University of Reading 2017/05/22
12890 Ph.D. Student Erlangen Germany University Hospital Erlangen
12889 Post-doctoral position Magdeburg Germany Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology
12888 Ph.D. Student Magdeburg Germany Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology
12887 Ph.D. Student Tamm Germany npi electronic GmbH - Instruments for the Life Sciences 2017/06/15
12885 Post-doctoral position Lund Sweden University of Lund 2017/05/15
12884 Tenure researcher (CNRS, INSERM) Strasbourg France Neuropôle de Strasbourg 2017/11/15
12882 Post-doctoral position Prague Czech Republic Institute of Experimental Medicine ASCR
12881 Ph.D. Student Brisbane Australia The University of Queensland 2017/06/25
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European Journal of Neuroscience

EJN is the journal of FENS. EJN publishes original articles and reviews from all over the world, in all areas of neuroscience.


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Attend SfN 2017 in Washington

Did you know that FENS members can register and submit abstracts to attend the SfN annual meeting in Washington on regular member conditions?

The deadline for requesting an ISM slot is 30 April midnight CET.

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Apply now: FENS and IBRO-PERC stipends available

Available stipends of 750 EUR each to cover travel and accommodation costs for master and Ph.D. students interested in short courses outside the country where they are studying or residing.