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JobID Position City Country Institution Deadline
11969 Post-doctoral position SEVILLE Spain University Pablo de Olavide 2017/01/23
11968 Ph.D. Student Bordeaux France Neurocentre Magendie 2017/02/15
11967 Ph.D. Student Quebec city Canada Université Laval 2017/02/01
11964 Ph.D. Student Münster Germany University of Münster 2017/02/20
11961 Post-doctoral position Braga/Lisbon Portugal University of Minho 2017/01/27
11956 Ph.D. Student Hannover Germany Hannover Medical School
11955 Post-doctoral position New York USA New York University School of Medicine and Nathan Kline Institute
11953 Ph.D. Student Oslo Norway University of Oslo 2017/01/31
11951 Post-doctoral position Stockholm Sweden Karolinska Institute
11950 Technician Germany Encepharm 2017/02/28
11949 Ph.D. Student Zurich Switzerland University of Zurich 2017/02/15
11948 Post-doctoral position Aarhus Denmark Aarhus University 2017/02/01
11947 Ph.D. Student Innsbruck Austria Medical University of Innsbruck 2017/03/15
11944 Ph.D. Student Quebec city Canada Laval University
11943 Ph.D. Student Prague Czech Republic Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
11940 Ph.D. Student Germany European Neuroscience Institute Goettingen
11936 Commercial position Reutlingen Germany Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH
11935 Post-doctoral position Glasgow UK University of Strathclyde
11934 Internship Rovereto (Trento) Italy Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia 2017/02/15
11933 Group Leader Ludwigshafen Germany AbbVie Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG 2017/05/15
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European Journal of Neuroscience

EJN is the journal of FENS. EJN publishes original articles and reviews from all over the world, in all areas of neuroscience.


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Join us for Brain Awareness Week 2017

Funding is available to support events organised during the Brain Awareness Week 2017 in Europe. These small grants are offered by the Dana Foundation and administered by FENS.

Apply now for a BAW grant and boost your project.

Deadline: 18 January 2017


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Apply for our Summer School on Neuromodulation

FENS-SfN Summer School 2017 on Chemical Neuromodulation: Neurobiological, Neurocomputational, Behavioural and Clinical Aspects is co-chaired by Prof. Trevor W. Robbins and Prof. Martin Sarter.

18-24 June 2017 - Bertinoro, Italy.

Stipends are available!

Deadline: 13 February 2017.