Connecting European Neuroscience

FENS-Kavli Network of Excellence

Our vision is to shape the future of neuroscience by putting young researchers in the driver’s seat. We aim to improve neuroscience in Europe through providing opportunities for young scientists, influencing science policy and facilitating the exchange between science and society.

 Laura   Andreae         Tom        Baden         David       Belin   Camilla Bellone   Laura Cancedda          Megan        Carey        Filippo    Del Bene
       Ilka         Diester      David    Dupret
    Johannes   Gräff    Matthew  Grubb   Ileana Hanganu-Opatz    Balazs  Hangya   Casper Hoogenraad
Pirta  Hotulainen   Denis   Jabaudon  Gregory  Jefferis Ragnhildur Thora Káradóttir Steven  Kushner Johannes Letzkus Guillermina López-Bendito
 Manuel   Mameli     Gaia    Novarino
  Panayiota Poirazi
    Grega   Repovš
    Carlos   Ribeiro
        Asya        Rolls
      Lars      Schwabe
       Marc        Spehr   Tara Spires-Jones
  Kristin Tessmar-Raible
  Patrik Verstreken
        Tim         Vogels
        Claire       Wyart
         Emre        Yaksi

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FENS Regional Meeting (FRM)

FENS Regional Meeting will take place in Pécs, Hungary, 21 - 23 September 2017.
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