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29 November 2017: Childcare grants at FENS Forum 2018 - Families welcome! To support the FENS 2018 attendance of ambitious young scientists with children, the FENS-Kavli Network will provide a limited number of childcare grants. Successful applicants will receive 400 Euro which can be spent flexibly on extra childcare at home, travel of kids and carer to FENS or travel of a carer to your home for childcare during the FENS Forum 2018. All attendees with dependent children are eligible. Preference is given to junior scientists and presenters. Applications deadline:  20 March 2018. Apply here.

29 November 2017: FENS-Kavli Scholar Ragnhildur Thora Káradóttir wins ERC Consolidator grant. Congratulations, Thora!

20 October 2017: Congratulations to Tom Baden for winning a Philip Leverhulme Prize.

27 September 2017: Excellent talk of Guillermina Lopez-Bendito on Development of the thalamocortical circuit and its role in sensory cortical areas plasticity at the Fall Brain Coference 2017!

22 September 2017: Brain Drain in Eastern Europe: FKNE special event (FENS Regional Meeting 2017, Pecs, Hungary).

20 September 2017: Are you attending the FRM 2017?Don't miss the IBRO-ALUMNI lecture of David Dupret on Writing and Reading Hippocampal Memory Traces! (23 September, 12:30-13:30).

9 September 2017: The Boehringer Ingelheim FENS Research Award 2018 has been awarded to FENS-Kavli Scholar David Dupret for his research on the dynamics of neuronal assemblies during memory processes.

7 September 2017: Asya Rolls has just received a ERC starting grant! Congratulations to Asya!

July- August  2017: Newly published scientific papers by FENS-Kavli Scholars  

June - July  2017:Recent papers published by FENS-Kavli Scholars

3 July 2017: The FENS-Kavli Scholar Guillermina López-Bendito has been awarded with the 11th IBRO Kemali Prize "in recognition of her outstanding work on mechanisms of axon guidance in brain development, and in particular in thalamocortical connectivity." Warm Congratulations!

16 June 2017: Yiota Poirazi has just been elected as EMBO member. More.

May  2017: Check out the recently published papers by FENS-Kavli Scholars

  • 24 May 2017: Are you attending SONA2017? If so, don't miss the opportunity and visit the FKNE booth to meet Balazs Hangya and Tom Baden, and find out more about the FENS-Kavli Scholars.

  • 13 May 2017: Eppendorf Award for Young European Investigators in 2017 won by Tom Baden.
  • 10 May 2017: Asya Rolls has been selected by HHMI, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation as Internation Research Scholar. More.

5 May 2017: Congratulations to Denis Jabaudon for being awarded with the Cloetta Prize 2017!

March-April 2017: Check out the recently published papers by FENS-Kavli Scholars

Jan-February 2017: Check out the recently published papers by FENS-Kavli Scholars


Upcoming events:

12 November 2017: Join us at the FENS-Kavli Scholars social at SfN 2017! Where and When? Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel, room 15, from 7:30 to 9:30. We look forwar to meet and interact with you in an informal setting. Download the flyer.

3-5 December 2017: FKNE Winter Symposium 2017 (Vienna, Austria). More information.




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Call for Nominations

Nominations for the FENS-Kavli Network of Excellence Mentoring Prize 2018 are open. Deadline: 1 March 2018.


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Call for (Self) Nominations

Applications for the FENS-Kavli Network of Excellence Ph.D. Prize 2018 are open. Deadline:1 March 2018