Connecting European Neuroscience

History of European Neuroscience

The aim is to preserve the commemoration of European neuroscience for future generations by making available to the wide public electronic materials about illustrious European neuroscientists and their distinguished work, or important historical events.

The FENS History Committee was established in 2010 to promote activities linked to the history of European neuroscience. Here you can find different initiatives, which aims to preserve and make available to the wide public materials related to the history of neuroscience. 















Want to know more about the European History of Neuroscience? Have a look at our Introduction to the History of Neuroscience  

For enquiries, please contact the FENS History of European Neuroscience Office:

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Videos of Seminar on History of Neuroscience

If you did not get the chance to attend the seminar on "History of Understanding of the Cerebral Cortex" (St John's College, Oxford, 12 May 2015), you can watch it online

Click on more to learn about the work of Galileo in the 17th Century, the history of binocular vision or the stories hiding behind the histological slides in the Sherrington Box.


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FENS History Committe

Established in 2010, the FENS History of European Neuroscience Committee aims to promote activities linked to the History of Neuroscience. 


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History of European Neuroscience: online platform

This online platform lists the awarded History Projects which are already finalised and available online.