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How to retrieve your account details

When you have the need to retrieve your account details you can do this in an automated manner via the FENS website.

IMPORTANT: This procedure is for subsequent login to the FENS website. When confirming the account (first member logon), you must for security reasons first have received the accurate login details via email.

You can retrieve your FENS Member ID and reset your password in the following manner:

step 1: In case you are not sure about your membership status, you can check your FENS membership details in the "Find FENS Members" box. 

Step 2: indicate that you have forgot your account information by clicking the login button (top of FENS website) and the "forgot your account details?" button. The following pop-up window will appear:







Step 3: enter your email address and select your society affiliation. Click "submit". It is important that the indicated email address matches the one on file with FENS. If you have no longer access to this email account, please your society administrator or contact  FENS Member services via email to request the resetting of your email address.

Step 4: You will receive an email with your unique FENS Member ID and information on how to reset your password. Please note that for security reasons you cannot change your password more than once per hour.