Connecting European Neuroscience

Mission & Goals

FENS mission is to advance research and education in neuroscience within and outside Europe, to facilitate interaction and coordination between its members.

Strategic Plan Update - July 2020

As an international organisation, federating over 20,000 neuroscientists across 33 European countries, FENS works to promote all aspects of neuroscience, through education, outreach and scientific exchange. Through the Strategic Plan, the FENS leadership outlines their priorities and goals to enable FENS to best serve the neuroscience community and all our member societies.
Our strategic documents are reviewed on a regular basis and approved by the Governing Council at the FENS Forum every two years. The current strategic plan was approved during the FENS 2020 Virtual Forum and includes information on ongoing and upcoming activities, as well as steps we have taken to implement our diversity policy. 

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