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Website & Member Access

The website for FENS has been updated, creating an easy platform for scientists to scan information about FENS and its activities. All FENS members may access the FENS website to see and update their personal profiles.

Login to the FENS website as a member:

Follow the simple steps below to login to the FENS website to:

-       Read and download full length papers from EJN

-       Update or complete your personal profile on the FENS member database

-       Prepare your Member registration for the FENS Forum 2018 in Berlin

Important: For registration to the FENS Forum 2018, please note that updating your personal profile on the FENS member database is crucial as your profile is linked to your registration and your contact details cannot be changed during the registration process.

First login - Confirmation of account (required for all members)

FENS members always receive an automated email from FENS containing their FENS Member ID and provisional password. Confirmation of the account by following the steps below is absolutely necessary in order for the account to be activated.

  1. Login by clicking the Login button on the top right hand corner of the FENS website
  2. In the Members login pop up window use your FENS Member ID and Provisional password to access and activate your account
  3. In the reset pop-up window, select your preferred password

Note: you cannot use your provisional password to register for the FENS Forum.

Please activate your account and complete your personal profile as soon as possible!  

1) Confirm the FENS member account, please logon by clicking the Login button:





Subsequent logins to the FENS member database

All members of FENS have been issued a unique FENS Member ID that is linked to the FENS member account through their email address. This information has been communicated recently by email from FENS with the subject line: IMPORTANT: Your unique FENS Member ID - Prepare your easy registration to the FENS Forum 2018.

Using this information you may recover your password at any time (see below for more information).

Please note that if you are a member of one of the 44 FENS member societies and have not received your account details via email this may be due to the following:

  • missing information about your current email account on the FENS member database.
  • the indicated email is not functional.
  • your membership at one of the FENS member societies is not confirmed or has expired. You may check your valid membership with FENS by entering your name in the "find FENS members" box on the FENS homepage and on the FENS member area:

In case your society affiliation has been confirmed and your membership is valid (you can find yourself on the FENS website), please contact FENS directly via email to receive your FENS Member ID and Provisional password. You cannot retrieve this information in any other way!

Password reset

You may retrieve your password at any given time by using the "forgot your account details" in the login window (see here for more information on resetting the login details).