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Travel Grants for the FENS Forum

FENS - IBRO/PERC and number of FENS members societies and partners will be offering travel grants and stipends for students and young investigators to support their attendance to the FENS Forum. Application for the travel grants is announced in December of the odd years with the deadline at the end of February of the Forum year.

FENS - IBRO/PERC Travel Grants

FENS and IBRO/PERC will jointly provide travel grants for students and young investigators to attend the FENS Forum 2020. 


  • -       You are a PhD student or a postdoctoral fellow
  • -       You have registered for the FENS Forum 2020
  • -       You have submitted an abstract as first author
  • -       You​ have at least one PubMed registered publication
  • -       You​ have to receive support from your current supervisor/PI

You are not eligible to apply if:

-       You are residing in the country where the Forum is taking place

-       You have received a FENS IBRO/PERC travel grant for the previous Forum 2018 (list of recipients)