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New Insights into Psychiatric Disorders through Computational, Biological and Developmental Approaches

25-28 September 2016 - Moltkes Palæ, Copenhagen, Denmark

Psychiatric disorders are a major health challenge in today’s world. This meeting will focus on how computational, neurobiological and developmental perspectives can inform current and future approaches to psychiatric diseases. The broader goal is to ask how contributions from these fields may assist in providing a better characterisation of these conditions, potentially also identifying novel phenotypes. These insights will hopefully provide new targets for mechanistic and genetic analysis, as well as for innovative treatment approaches.

Photo - Credits and acknowledgements: Peter Uhlhaas lab, University of Glasgow. These photographs are not to be reproduced without permission. 

This meeting is part of a new series of high-level bi-annual Brain Conferences in Europe. The Brain Conferences are organised by FENS in partnership with The Brain Prize. They bring together outstanding researchers in key broadly defined areas of contemporary neuroscience to discuss current concepts and define challenges for future research.



John Krystal   Yael Niv   Oscar Marin  
Yale School of Medicine, USA   Princeton University, USA   King's College London, UK  

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 Venue: Moltkes Palae, Copenhagen, Denmark  


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The Brain Conferences

The Brain Conferences are intimate-scale meetings focused on current topics in neuroscience. Two conferences per year are organised by FENS in collaboration with Lundbeck Foundation, the awarder of The Brain Prize.