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The Neurobiology of Sleep and Circadian Rhythm

11-14 October 2015 - Moltkes Palæ, Copenhagen, Denmark

Sleep and circadian rhythms regulate all aspects of brain function. The focus of this conference will be on the molecular, cellular and neural networks that underlie the generation and regulation of sleep and circadian rhythms; by what means these biological processes interact and influence normal brain function and behaviour; and how these systems influence the development and state of neurological and psychiatric disorders.
Topics for the conference will include: the neural mechanisms of sleep, arousal states and sleep homeostasis; the critical role of sleep for brain and body physiology including memory consolidation, immune responses and energy homeostasis; the molecular and cellular mechanisms of circadian rhythm generation; the regulation of sleep and circadian rhythms by light; the consequences of the 24/7 society on sleep and health; and the brain mechanisms underlying sleep and circadian rhythm disruption in neurodegenerative and  psychiatric illnesses.

To know more about the upcoming Brain Conference, read the interview with the two co-chairs on the most significant findings in sleep research and circadian neurobiology.


  Russell G. Foster
University of Oxford

Joseph S. Takahashi
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center


Venue: Moltkes Palae, Copenhagen, Denmark









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