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2019 Gruber International Prize Program

2019 Gruber International Prize Program

Prize Money
500000 USD
Granting Body
The Gruber Foundation

Award Information

Field of research
Cosmology, Genetics, or Neuroscience
Call for Nominations The Gruber Foundation invites nominations on behalf of individuals whose achievements in Cosmology, Genetics, or Neuroscience would make them suitable candidates for recognition through the 2019 Gruber International Prize Program. Each prize, which is accompanied by a $500,000 unrestricted monetary award, is designed both to recognize groundbreaking work in each field and to inspire additional efforts that effect fundamental shifts in knowledge and culture. Recipients are selected by a committee of distinguished experts in each field. Nomination forms should be completed and submitted online. Please go to for complete details and access to forms. Further information on the Foundation and the individual Prizes is available at: The deadline for nominations is 15 December 2018
Age limit
No age
Next application deadline

Contact Information

A. Sarah Hreha
Executive Director The Gruber Foundation
+1 203-432-6231

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