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Gruber Neuroscience Prize 2020

Gruber Neuroscience Prize 2020

Prize Money
500000 USD
Granting Body
The Gruber Foundation

Award Information

Field of research
Age limit
No age
Who may submit a nomination? Nominations for the Neuroscience Prize are invited annually and may be submitted by individuals that are active in or have an appreciation for contemporary neuroscience research and study. Who may be nominated? Individuals from anywhere in the world who have conducted highly distinguished research in the field of the brain, spinal cord, or peripheral nervous system. What the nomination must include: Please note that all nominations materials must be submitted in English a completed nomination form a current curriculum vitae WITHOUT a full list of publications Up to two letters of support are welcome, but not required Format The official nomination form should be filled out and submitted online, or e-mailed to If necessary, the form may be printed and faxed or mailed, but electronic submissions are strongly preferred.
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Contact Information

The Gruber Foundation
Yale University, Office of Development 157 Church St, 8th floor New Haven, CT 06510

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