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Krieg Cortical Kudos Awards - The Cortical Explorer Prize

Krieg Cortical Kudos Awards - The Cortical Explorer Prize

Prize Money
3000 USD
Granting Body
The Cajal Club

Award Information

Honors or benefits
The Award includes an inscribed certificate and $3,000, plus support for travel expenses to the Cajal Club Social.
Field of research
Neuroscience, cerebral cortex, cortical connections
The Cortical Explorer prize will be awarded to an outstanding Neuroscientist investigating the cerebral cortex and/or its connections. The candidate should have received an advanced professional degree within the ten year period prior to the time of nomination.
Age limit
No age
Nominations of candidates for the Cortical Explorer Award should be submitted by e-mail and should include the following: (1) A letter of nomination. (2) A copy of the candidate¹s curriculum vitae that includes the date on which the candidate received an advanced professional degree. (3) PDF files of up to two publications of the candidate¹s research on the cerebral cortex and/or its connections. Additional letters of support of the nomination are also welcome.
Next application deadline
Date of awarding ceremony

Contact Information

Dr. Charles E. Ribak Secretary/Treasurer of Cajal Club
Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology University of California at Irvine School of Medicine Irvine, CA 92697-1275 USA

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