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The Grass Foundation Grass Fellowship Program

The Grass Foundation Grass Fellowship Program

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The Grass Foundation

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Honors or benefits
Grass Fellowships provide research support including laboratory space, animals, equipment and supplies for one summer at the MBL. Additionally, the investigator, his/her spouse or legal domestic partner, and dependent children are provided housing, a daily meal allowance and round-trip travel to the MBL. Fellows function as an intellectual and social group within the MBL scientific community while sharing space in the Grass Laboratory. In a weekly private seminar series, eminent investigators at the MBL discuss their work with the Fellows. In addition, a yearly Forbes Lecturer (in 2015, Dr. William Catterall, University of Washington School of Medicine) will spend a portion of the summer in the Grass Lab interacting with Fellows.
Field of research
neurophysiology, biophysics, integrative neurobiology, neuroethology, neuroanatomy, neuropharmacology, systems neuroscience, cellular and developmental neurobiology, and computational approaches to neural systems
Early investigators (late stage predoctoral trainees and beyond) are eligible to apply. This includes applicants with prior experience at MBL or with the Grass Foundation (MBL course alumni are encouraged to apply). Priority is given to applicants with a demonstrated commitment to pursuing a research career. Please see FAQ page on website or contact the Program Coordinator for more information. International Fellows (i.e., not US citizens or resident aliens) must hold a (J-1, H-1B, F1 or F1-OPT) visa for the entire duration of the fellowship. The Grass Foundation values diversity in all of its programs.
Age limit
No age
APPLICATION: Application forms and instructions for the 2015 program are available on The Grass Foundation website. DURATION: The duration of the program is 14 weeks, from 25 May to 29 August, 2015. SELECTION: The Trustees of The Grass Foundation judge an applicant’s ability to organize and present pertinent information, the scientific merit of the proposed research, and evidence of an applicant’s ability to work independently. Approximately 8-10 Grass Fellowships are awarded annually. Most Fellows share space in the Grass Lab; some arrange to work in the space of another MBL investigator. DEADLINE: Applications for summer 2015 must be received by 5 December 2014. Applicants must ensure that the completed application and letters of recommendation are submitted by the deadline. Decisions will be announced by 20 January 2015.
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Ann Woolford, the Grass Fellowship Program Coordinator at MBL

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