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The Kavli Prizes

The Kavli Prizes

Prize Money
1000000 USD
Granting Body
The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, The Kavli Foundation (US) and The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research

Award Information

Honors or benefits
The Kavli Prize is awarded by The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters for outstanding scientific achievements in Astrophysics, Nanoscience and Neuroscience by an individual. The Kavli Prize for each of the three fields consists of USD 1,000,000, a scroll and a gold medal.
Field of research
Astrophysics, Nanoscience and Neuroscience
The Call for nominations for the 2020 Kavli Prizes will open on September 1, 2019. The closing date for nominating candidates is December 1, 2019. The winners will be announced May 27, 2020 and the award ceremony will take place in Oslo, Norway on September 8, 2020. Nominations for the Kavli Prizes should be submitted to The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters by way of the online nomination form obtained at The nominations need to take into account the nominees' compliance with the general code of academic conduct.
Age limit
No age
Next application deadline
Date of awarding ceremony

Contact Information

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
Drammensveien 78 0271 Oslo, Norway
+47 22 12 10 90

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