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The Roger De Spelberch Foundation Prize 2017

The Roger De Spelberch Foundation Prize 2017

Prize Money
750000 Euro
Granting Body
The Roger de Spoelberch Foundation

Award Information

Honors or benefits
Each year, the Foundation awards the ROGER DE SPOELBERCH Prize to a winner for a clinical and basic scientific research project in the area of neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders.
Field of research
Neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders
The upper age limit for all candidates is set at 55 on the day of submission of the application. The ROGER DE SPOELBERCH Foundation prize currently amounts to 750.000 euros, including up to 250.000 to the awardee. Applications must be submitted to the Chair of the Scientific Committee, Professor Jacque Brotchi, not later than 30 June 2017 by email to or, or to the Foundation's postal address: 17 Chemin Rieu, 1208 Geneva. The complete set of rules governing the granting of this award is available on the foundation's website.
Age limit
No age
Next application deadline
30 June of each year

Contact Information

Prof. Jacques Brotchi
ROGER DE SPOELBERCH Foundation 17 Chemin Rieu 1208 Geneva
(+41) 022.319.7000

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