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Boehringer Ingelheim FENS Research Award 2016

Boehringer Ingelheim FENS Research Award 2016

The Boehringer Ingelheim FENS Research Award 2016 has been awarded to Dr. Gaia Novarino for her research on the genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying human genetic disorders.

As group leader at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria in Klosterneuburg, Austria, Dr Novarino is currently leading a research programme focused on identifying the genetic and molecular basis underlying inherited forms of epilepsy, intellectual disability and autism.

Prior to her appointment as Group Leader, Dr. Novarino, an Italian native, has worked as research fellow in the UCSD, at the Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine as well as in the Center for molecular neurobiology in Hamburg, Germany.  Dr. Novarino’s research has been published in very high impact journals including Science, Cell and Neuron.

The award will be presented during the 10th Forum of European Neuroscience 2016 in Copenhagen where Dr Novarino will give the Boehringer-Ingelheim / FENS Research Award lecture.

The FENS Research Award is given in recognition of outstanding and innovative scientific work from all areas of neuroscience. The award is donated by Boehringer Ingelheim and is announced by FENS during its FENS Forum of Neuroscience.

Previous awardees include Dr. Judit Makara, Ilka Diester, Fekrije Selimi, Pascal Fries, Zoltan Nusser, Isabelle Mansuy and Stanislas Dehaene.

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