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EJN Best Publication Award

EJN Best Publication Award

In collaboration with FENS and Wiley, EJN awards the “Best Publication Award” on odd years, recognising the best research article published in EJN over the preceding two‐year period. This biennial award is bestowed upon the first author(s) of the selected article (a personal award of £ 3,000).

The award is presented at the FENS Regional Meeting, where the award winner is required to give a lecture. 

Best Publication Award 2019

EJN is proud to announce that the winner of the "Best Publication Award 2019" is Dr. Stephan Steidl, Associate Professor at Loyola University Chicago, Department of Psychology.

He receives this award for his publication in EJN:

"Optogenetic excitation in the ventral tegmental area of glutamatergic or cholinergic inputs from the laterodorsal tegmental area drives reward" (published in EJN Volume 45, Issue 4, February 2017). This paper was coauthored by Huiling Wang, Marco Ordonez, Shiliang Zhang and Marisela Morales.

The award was presented at the FENS Regional Meeting in Belgrade, Serbia (10 - 13 July 2019). The award winner gave a lecture at this meeting. 


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