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EJN Best Publication Award 2009

EJN Best Publication Award 2009

The winner of the 2009 EJN Best Publication Award is a predoctoral student at McGill University, Ji Hyun Ko. 

His article, co-authored by O. Monchi, A. Ptito, P. Bloomfield, S. Houle and A. P. Strafella, was selected by the EJN Best Publication Award Committee from a total of 23 nominations. His article, entitled "Theta burst stimulation-induced inhibition of dorsolateral prefrontal cortex reveals hemispheric asymmetry in striatal dopamine release during a set-shifting task a TMS-[11C]raclopride PET study", was published in EJN 28, 2147-2155 (2008). The research described in the article demonstrates that continuous theta burst stimulation of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex produced lateralized effects on striatal dopamine neurotransmission during the performance of executive tasks.

The work by Ji Hyun Ko and colleagues points to the importance of the interplay between prefrontal circuits and dopamine release in the striatum for understanding the neuronal mechanisms underlying the cognitive symptoms of patients with Parkinsons' disease.


The Award, which is supported by FENS and Wiley-Blackwell, was presented at the FENS Featured Regional Meeting in Warsaw (September 9-12, 2009). We warmly congratulate Ji Hyun Ko and his co-authors for this achievement and thank them for having selected EJN for publishing their remarkable study.

Ji Hyun Ko

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