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The Eric Kandel Young Neuroscientists Prize 2015

The Eric Kandel Young Neuroscientists Prize 2015

The Eric Kandel Young Neuroscientists Prize was announced in summer 2014 together with FENS for the fourth time. In spring 2015 an international panel of judges, including three Nobel laureates, selected Prof. Dr. Yasser Roudi as the 2015 winner.

Prof. Dr. Yasser Roudi was born in 1981. He studied physics at the Scharif University in Teheran and completed a PhD at the SISSA in Trieste, Italy. After a research stay at the University College London and at the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics in Stockholm he became assistant professor at the Kavli Institute, University of Trondheim. Since 2014 he holds a chair for theoretical neurosciences there. 

With the help of methods from statistical physics, he has made significant contributions to the understanding of information processing in neuronal networks. Among these contributions is his work in collaboration with Nobel Prize winners Edvard and May-Britt Moser which has lead to the understanding of the network connectivity and mechanisms underlying grid cell formation.
Prof. Roudi is laureate of of numerous scientific prizes. He received e. g. the Nansen Prize four young scientists by the Norwegian Academy of Science (2014) and in the 2013 the Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters awarded him the prize for young scietists.

The Eric Kandel Young Neuroscientists Prize 2015 was presented to Prof. Roudi during an official ceremony on 28 May 2015 in St. Paul’s Church in Frankfurt am Main by Prof. Eric Kandel, the neuroscientist and Nobel Prize winner, Prof. Monica Di Luca, the President of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies, and Dr Frank-J. Weise, Chairman of the Hertie Foundation. The presentation of the Hertie Senior Research Professorship in Neuroscience 2015 was presented at the same event together with a panel discussion between Eric Kandel and the current Nobel laureates, May-Britt and Edvard Moser, about the role of prizes in sciences. 

Following the awards there was a second panel discussion on “the brain at the couch – the psychoanalysis on the way into the neurosciences”, involving Prof. Eric Kandel and Prof. Mark Solms, psychoanalyst and neuroscientist. The discussion was moderated by Felicitas von Lovenberg (Feuilleton/Literature, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung).

Interview with Prof Dr. Yasser Roudi (Kavli Institute and Centre for Neural Computation of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim), winner of the Eric Kandel Young Neuroscientists Prize 2015.

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