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EJN supports authors worldwide in helping to maximize the impact of and discoverability of important research. This award is sponsored by the EJN publisher Wiley and is given in recognition of an outstanding scientific work in any area of neuroscience.

This is a personal prize of £ 10,000

The FENS EJN Award is awarded by a Nominating Committee consisting of the EJN Editors in chief, the Chair of the Programme Committee, the Chair of the Communication Committee and the FENS President-elect.

Candidates must be nominated by fellow neuroscientists (no self-application) and be either working in a European research institution or, if working elsewhere, be of European origin.  

The prize winner is required to give a lecture at the FENS Forum and write a review for publication in EJN.

The FENS EJN Award 2020

In 2020 the FENS EJN Award winner is Prof. Seth Grant (University of Edinburgh, UK). The award will be presented to Prof. Grant at the FENS Forum 2020 in Glasgow (11 – 15 July 2020).


For enquiries, please contact:

Seth Grant