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5th Caribbean Biomedical Research Days CBRD-2018

January 16th, 2018 to January 18th, 2018
Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia

Behavioural Neuroscience, Biopsychiatry, Pharmacology

About the Event

International 3-day conference focusing on translational biomedical research and education. The conference will bring together medical practitioners and administrators, biomedical scientists, health science educators and students, to discuss the up-to-date challenges and findings in the biomedical field. Key topics: Biological and societal consequences of human disorders, Epidemiology of public health, Stress-related disorders, Affective and other CNS disorders, Immunology, General medicine, Family medicine, Cancer, Metabolic disorders, Diabetes, Molecular genetics and genomics; Medical genetics, Gene x environment interactions, Translational research, Animal experimental models of human disorders, Bioinformatics and Biostatistics in Medicine, Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), Biomedical education in Caribbean Organized by: International STRESS AND BEHAVIOR Society (ISBS) Early Registration deadline: Oct 15, 2017 Abstract submission deadline: Oct 15, 2017 Conference language: English


NA Nutsa
New Orleans, LA, USA


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