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Keystone Symposia: State of the Brain – Genetic Dissection of Brain Circuits and Behavior in Health and Disease

January 14th, 2018 to January 18th, 2018
Keystone, Colorado, United States

Brain Research, Brain Circuitry, Neurobiology

About the Event

Identifying and understanding the building blocks of the nervous system and how they interact is a central focus of international efforts to understand the brain. Modern genetic approaches hold the promise of establishing an inventory of cell types, exploring mechanisms of cellular identity, developing tools for experimental manipulations, building a brain-wide cell type atlas, and providing the basis of establishing brain-wide connectivity atlases at cellular resolution. Understanding how diseases and disorders impact cells, synapses and circuitry is essential to guide the development of treatments and therapies. Establishing such an atlas of genetically identified cell types and their connectivity will provide key data and knowledge for developing in silico reconstructions of brain circuitry and developing theories of brain structure and function. This conference brings together leading scientists from around the world to present the latest tools, techniques and discoveries in using genetic approaches to understand the cell types and their role in cognition, behavior and brain diseases and disorders.


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