Connecting European Neuroscience

4th International Conference on Neurology and Healthcare

September 17th, 2018 to September 18th, 2018
Berlin, Germany

Neurobiology, Neural System, Alzheimer Disease

About the Event

Neurology 2018 serves as an emerging platform to discuss about the recent advancements in neurology and healthcare which includes neuro robotics , deep brain simulation , neuro surgery , precision medicine for neural disorders and more….. The conference is now CME Accredited, grab your CME credits by joining us. The following main themes of the conference have been discussed during presentations of the two-day event, which reflect current education research, developments and innovations internationally and as evidenced in both Neurocare Education and Evidence Based Practice in Neurology. Research in Neurology and Neurosurgery Advancements in Neurosurgery and Neuromedicine Deep Brain Simulation Education in Neurocare Patient Safety and Neuro Monitoring Neuro-Rehabilitation Innovation, Academic Leadership and Evaluation Research Neuro Robotic Assistance You could visit: Download Conference Brochure @ Neurology 2018 will be a grand event which is focused on the theme “Broader Outlook in the Field of Neurology and Healthcare” and ensures better advancements in healthcare for the future. Neurology 2018 will enlighten the public with the importance of neurocare its advanced mode of treatments as well as the aspects of neuroscience. The conference also serves with trending works in the field of neurology and the recent research works by pioneer scholars. Neurology 2018 provides you a great platform to interact with renowned speakers,neurologists and neuro surgeons. Recent advancements in neurology,neuro robotics,neuro surgery,precision medicines are the trademark of this conference. Neurology2018 will be a stepping stone to the future healthcare with its eminent speakers and organizing committee members.


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