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13th National Congress of the BSN

May 24th, 2019
Brussels, Belgium

National Meeting, Neurology, Neuroscience, Brain

About the Event

13th National Congress of the BSN: Friday May 24 2019 - Royal Academy Brussels
The preliminary program of the meeting is available here and the abstracts will be published on Frontiers in Neuroscience (available soon).
The 13th national congress of the BSN took place on Friday May 24, 2019 with world-class key note speakers, invited talks, and a selection of oral contributions from those submitted for consideration. There will also be a poster session.  

The program

The 2019 scientific BSN meeting includes two invited keynote lectures (45min each) by international speakers
  • Prof. Dr. Rik Henson, University of Cambridge (UK)
    Prof. Dr. Bruce McNaughton, University of California Irvine (US)
and 6 invited talks (30 min) by  talented scientists active in Belgium
  • Philippe Peigneux (ULB)
  • Isabel Beets (KUL)
  • Tom Verguts (UG)
  • Yves Jossin (UCL)
  • Sylvie Nozaradan (UCL)
  • Roos Vandenbroucke (UG)
Additionally, ten PhD students or junior postdoc fellows will be selected on the basis of the submitted abstracts and are invited to orally present (15 min) their contributions to the meeting.


All attendants must register online (here).

Once you are registered, you can submit your abstract via Frontiers in Neuroscience via this link 

Please don't submit your abstract before you registered! This leads to administrative complications.



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