Connecting European Neuroscience


June 12th, 2021 to June 14th, 2021
Online, United Kingdom

Stress Neuroscience, Emotional Neuroscience, Mood Disorders

About the Event

Animal welfare scientists often try to access animals’ internal states through their behaviour. However, since the nervous system controls and coordinates these states, measuring brain mechanisms has the potential to provide a more direct assessment of these internal states. So far, many relevant aspects of neuroscience have been studied in the context of human wellbeing, but few preclinical scientists have given much thought to the application of these same principles to animal welfare. Conversely, neuroscientists might benefit from animal welfare scientists’ expertise to scientifically assess whether their attempts to refine experimental procedures have actually resulted in better animal welfare. The aim of this workshop is to explore this potential cross-fertilization by bringing together neuroscientists and animal welfare scientists whose work would mutually benefit from each other’s expertise. The workshop will take place online and is organised around plenary and short talks, combined with open discussions in break-out groups and with the general assembly. Registration is free and can be completed using the link below. Joining instructions will be e-mailed to all registered participants closer to the time of the meeting. If you have any questions regarding this event, then you can contact the organiser.


Tom Smulders
Biosciences Institute Newcastle University Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4HH UK


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