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The Brain Conference: Brain Stroke: Why, how, and hope

October 24th, 2021 to October 27th, 2021
Rungstedgaard, North Of Copenhagen, Denmark

Brain Stroke, Functional Recover, Prevention, Stroke Damage

About the Event

Stroke is an age-related medical condition in which poor blood flow to the brain results in cell death, and is the second cause of mortality worldwide. While the disability associated with stroke can be devastatingly clear, why stroke occurs and how it kills the brain is less apparent. At this Brain conference, leading experts from both basic and clinical science will present advances that contribute to a deeper mechanistic understanding of stroke, including fundamental questions around: 1) risk factors: from single genes to holistic factors such as the microbiome, 2) the molecular pathobiology of stroke and the pathogenic role of immunity and blood-brain barrier breakdown, 3) neurovascular reorganization and re-wiring of connections after stroke damage, 4) the long term sequelae afflicting stroke survivors and the relationship between stroke and dementia, and 5) strategies to reduce the burden on stroke, ranging from prevention and acute therapy, to promoting functional recovery. A deeper mechanistic insight into these critical events will lead to new treatments and hope for those at risk and/or affected by stroke.



Costantino Iadecola         Timothy Murphy 

                             Weill Cornell Medicine, USA          The University of British Columbia, Canada

Application opens on 31 March 2021

For detailed information (speakers, application overview etc.), please visit the dedicated Brain Conference page.


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