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SINAPSIS 2018: when BAW is part of a festival declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity

March 15th, 2018 to March 19th, 2018
Valencia, Spain

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About the Event

The BAW is held during the same week than the Fallas Festival in Valencia ( During the last years we organized the BAW linked to this festival (see @Neuro_mascleta). This year, the project involves the use public space (the street) during fallas festival to construct a falla (monument) based in neuroscience. This falla will be constructed with the shape of neurons of 3 meters high. These neurons will be covered (as collage) with real microphotographies donated by neuroscientist. With some of theses microphotograpies we will also run an exhibition in the street. Moreover a virtual reality experience will be possible with an APP created to be used in front of the monument. This APP will be also linked to a free journal that we are editing and some news posted in Twitter (@FallaPlazaJesus). The journal will be composed by a collection of outreach articles from neuroscientist together with articles from people suffering from neuropsychiatric diseases. This journal has two objectives: i) to increase the knowledge on neuroscience and ii) to spread the importance of neuroscience research. Finally during March 16th several neuroscientist will give talks in front of our neurons sculpture and some kids activities will be organized too.


Lucia Hipolito
Dpt. Pharm. and Pharm Tech and Parasit. Faculty of Pharmacy Avda. Vicente Andrés Estellés s/n 46100 Burjassot, Valencia (Spain)

Phone:+34 647 250 246

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