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Neuroscience Ireland BAW event

March 14th, 2019
Dublin, Ireland

Art, Music And Brain, Awareness

About the Event

In this event, the remarkable nature of how sensory information is processed in the brain will be conveyed through music and art, through live simultaneous performance of a synaesthete musician and a synaesthete artist. Svetlana Rudenko is a synaesthete musician and composer who has also carried out research into the experience of synaesthesia. In an event at the 2016 UK Synaesthesia Conference, she performed a piano recital while images of her visual experience of these musical pieces were projected above her piano. In recent years, she has extended her practice by collaborating with synaesthete artists who have created visual paintings of their a synaesthetic visual experience of her music. The current event proposes to stage a “live” performance by both Svetlana and one of these artists (Dr Timothy Layden) with a public audience. The event will open with a short introduction to the neuroscience of synaesthesia by Prof Fiona Newell (TCIN & School of Psychology) a leading researcher in the area of synaesthesia. Following this introduction, Svetlana will play a selection of pieces and improvisations on a grand piano, while Timothy paints “live” his visual experience of Svetlana’s musical performance. In addition, images of paintings by Jane Mackay, another synaesthete artist who also paints music, will be projected during the performance.


Dr Richard Roche
Maynooth University, Maynooth, Co Kildare, Ireland.


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