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St.-Petersburg Brain Awareness Week “Brain in motion”

March 11th, 2019 to March 17th, 2019
St.-Petersburg, Russian Federation

Brain, Motor Systems, Brain Computer Interfaces

About the Event

The events during this BAW will explore the connection between brain and motion. The series of lectures and workshops throughout the week will provide present-day knowledge on numerous topics from movements of an embryo to the motion disorders that develop with age. BAW “Brain in motion” has two days for plenary lectures (Days 1 and 5), three workshops (“Movement disorders in children”, Day 2, “Cutting-edge data on Parkinson disease”, Day 3, “Brain/motion assistive technologies”, Day 4), and lectures of “University Saturday for school children” (Day 6, morning). The exhibition «The past and future of assistive technologies” will open on Day 4 for thee weeks. Movie “The theory of everything” will kick-off a discussion with experts on whether modern medicine could have helped Stephen Hawking (Day 6, evening). “Move your brain!” quest, a city race with puzzles, will end the Week (Day 7).


Dr. Irina Sukhotina
Dept. of Pharmacology First Pavlov State Medical University 6/8 Lev Tolstoy street 197022 St.-Petersburg Russian Federation


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