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Tuzla Brain Week

March 9th, 2020 to March 13th, 2020
Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Brain, Awareness, Neuroscience

About the Event

Tuzla Brain Week (TBW) is a traditional project of the SC "MEDICUS", which is implemented every year in March, for the past five years. The first idea about this project was initiated due to the engagement and desire of the students from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tuzla for the public promotion of neuroscience in the daily life activities of the general public, with a special emphasis on preserving, improving and preventing diseases related to the neurological system, which is one of the most complex organ systems in the human body. The project is celebrated as part of the global initiative "Brain Awareness Week" (BAW) launched by the DANA Foundation and is being commemorated every year in the middle of March since 1995. In recent years, BAW Initiative has been regularly supported by the Federation of European Neuroscience Associations (FENS) as the umbrella organization for neuroscience and all initiatives from that field in Europe Our Council has been included in the BAW Initiative since 2013, when the first TBW was implemented, and since then, every year up until today. The project has been supported by the DANA Foundation and FENS, as the SC “MEDICUS” is the only registered representative from Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the reasons for regular support from the umbrella institutions of the BAW Initiative is constant engagement and improvement of project activities, which we conceptualize each year in a better way. Activities of TBW19 include: • Age and professional workshops • Plenary lectures • TBW quiz • TBW Science Cafe • Student science-research session • Biomedical Engineering activities The target group of the project are students from domestic and foreign universities, pre- school, elementary and secondary school children, members of the younger and older population, as well as all citizens in the area of Tuzla. Number of Expected Participants: 600


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