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FENS-SFN Summer School 2014 "Neurodevelopmental Psychiatric Disorders"

June 22nd, 2014 to June 28th, 2014
Bertinoro, University Center Of Bologna, Italy

Psychiatric Disorders, Neurosciences, Developmental Neuroscience

About the Event

Scientific Chairs: Prof. Oscar Marin (Alicante, Spain) and Prof. David Lewis (Pittsburgh, USA)

This school will introduce students to how neuronal circuit assembly processes are thought to interface with the emergence of psychiatric disorders. The focus of the school will mainly be mechanistic. Developmental neuroscience aspects may include neuronal specification and migration, neuronal circuit assembly, and the ways in which early life events influence circuit development, including the fetal environment, critical periods and early life stress. The emphasis will be on those developmental processes that might be most relevant to the emergence of psychiatric disorders. Psychiatry aspects may include the genetics, development and psychopathology of autism, schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.  

Registration for the FENS-SfN Summer School ended on February 3, 2014.

Venue: Bertinoro, Training  Center of the University of Bologna, Italy

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The School is targeted at a maximum of 40 PhD students and early post docs who provide evidence of sufficient scientific background and experience to benefit fully from the course.

Confirmed faculty:

Susan Andersen (Harvard, USA), Stewart Anderson (Philadelphia, USA), Erika Forbes (Pittsburgh, USA), Jay Giedd (Bethesda, USA), Martien Kas (Utrecht, the Netherlands), Kevin Mitchell (Dublin, Ireland), Bita Moghaddam (Pittsburgh, USA), Michel Owen (Cardiff, UK), Beatriz Rico (Alicante, Spain), Brad Schlaggar (St. Louis, USA), Peter Uhlhaas (Glasgow USA)

preliminary programme as pdf

Registration and stipends:

Fee: 485€ covering tuition, accommodation and meals.
There are a few travel grants available for candidates from disadvantaged countries (please indicate in your online application). Any applicant in need of a grant should however first try to request it from the lab, institution or government if possible. Once an applicant has been accepted to the school, the available grants will be provided on the basis of need.

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