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ESRS Sleep Science School " Neural Networks in Sleep "

October 16th, 2017 to October 21st, 2017
Fréjus, France

Sleep, Brain Circuitry, Neuroscience

About the Event

The Sleep Science School is a new ESRS initiative aimed at gathering early career sleep scientists around different fundamental topics, allowing them to gain knowledge, share their work and experience, meet experienced researchers, develop opportunities and create novel networks of excellence. The focus of the first edition of the ESRS Sleep Science School will be " Neural Networks in Sleep ". It will be held in Frejus, a city located on the Mediterranean sea (France), 16-21 October 2017. Pierre-Hervé Luppi and Philippe Peigneux will coordinate this edition. Both animal and human research will be addressed. The program will include communications by international sleep experts on specific topics (see below) but also workshop interactive sessions aimed at writing research grants and proposals and stimulate in-depth exchanges between young and experienced researchers. The faculty members will be present during the entire week and available for theoretical and practical discussions with young researchers. Neural networks in sleep refer to the neurophysiological and neuroanatomical organization of populations of neurons responsible for generating the sleep-waking cycle or implicated in the functions of sleep. It can be investigated both in human and animal using classical approaches such as electrophysiology and neuroanatomy but also new ones like optogenetic or MEG. All these methods are necessary for an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms regulating sleep and to determine how these mechanisms are potentially modulated by daytime experience and/or disrupted in pathological conditions, and subserve or cohere with crucial cognitive functions. A maximum number of 40 participants will be accepted to the ESRS Sleep Science School.


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