Connecting European Neuroscience

Geert Ramakers

January 8th, 2018 to March 9th, 2018
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Neurosciences, Neurology, Psychiatry

About the Event

If the brain is what gets you excited and interested to learn more, this online course is a perfect fit! The Brain Center Rudolf Magnus of UMC Utrecht shares its expertise in the field of Neurosciences with students and scientists across the globe. The research field of the Neurosciences investigates the organization and function of the nervous system in its entirety. The aim of this course is to provide a solid background in Neurosciences to understand mechanisms underlying psychiatric and neurological diseases. Participants from all over the world follow web-lectures by top UMC Utrecht neuroscientists, discuss recent developments in this field and make assignments and group projects online. This course offers you a unique opportunity to study the state of the art insights in Neurosciences, the research strengths of UMC Utrecht and our educational philosophy. Wherever you are, whenever you are available you can join our academic community of eager, young minds from behind your computer!


Geert Ramakers
Universiteitsweg 100 3584 CG Utrecht The Netherlands

Phone:+31 88 7568413

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