Connecting European Neuroscience

Neurophsyiological basis of TMS workshop

March 23rd, 2018 to March 25th, 2018
London, United Kingdom

Brain Stimulation, Hands-On Course, International Neuroscience

About the Event

BrainBox Initiative workshop series: This course run in collaboration with neuroscientists from the Institute of Neurology at UCL aims to provide participants with plenty of hands-on practical experience and knowledge of the basic principles of TMS and TMS research techniques. The workshop covers: Basic principles of magnetic and electrical stimulation Physiology of transcranial stimulation of the motor cortex Insights into cortico-cortical connectivity Basic principles of twin-coil TMS Intra- and inter- hemispheric circuits activated by twin-coil TMS Principles of TMS navigation Research and clinical applications using TMS Introduction to multi-modal applications


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