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Biology of Brain Disorders 2019 - Frontiers in Innovation

June 16th, 2019 to June 25th, 2019
Slane Castle And Rockfarm, Ireland

Brain, Brain Disorders, Advanced Methods

About the Event

The Biology of Brain Disorders (BBD) 2019 Workshop will be held on 16-21 June 2019 at Slane Castle and RockFarm, in County Meath, Republic of Ireland. The workshop consists of discussion on the fundamentals of neuroscience, followed by mechanisms that are shared across brain disorders and / or that are specific to each disorder, and also computational approaches. It will be delivered via lectures and workshops. The registration fee includes lunches. Scholarships are available. There will be an entrepreneurship training (22-25 June 2019) in the Trinity College Dublin campus, and the fees include that as well. Please contact the organisers ( for further information.


Dr. Daniela Tropea
Department of Psychiatry Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience (TCIN) Trinity Molecular Medicine Institute (TTMI) Trinity College Dublin Trinity Center for Health Sciences St James Hospital D8 Dublin Ireland


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