Connecting European Neuroscience

FENS-SfN Summer School 2019: Brain reading and writing: new perspectives of neurotechnology

June 2nd, 2019 to June 8th, 2019
Bertinoro, Italy

Brain Research, Neural Technologies, Computational Approaches

About the Event

Recent advances in neuroscience and technology have made it possible to record from large assemblies of neurons and to decode their activity to extract information. At the same time, available methods to stimulate the brain and influence ongoing processing are also rapidly expanding. These developments pave the way for advanced neurotechnological applications applied to the human brain. In this course, we will discuss the intracortical methods being developed for reading from, and writing to, the brain. A set of international lectures will provide an overview of the emerging therapeutic applications made possible with this technology. In addition to being exposed to new hardware, students will learn about, and apply new computational approaches to facilitate brain-device communication. We will discuss some of the interesting ethical ramifications of a neuro-technologically assisted future.


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