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Neural Data Analysis Online Course

September 7th, 2020 to September 28th, 2020
Shenzhen, China

Signal Processing And Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning, Brain And Computation

About the Event

ScienceBeam, which is a forefront technology provider of neuroscience applications, would like to take the opportunity to invite you for 10-sessions “Neural Data Analysis Online Course” that is going to start on September 7, 2020. During this course you will learn:  Programming fundamentals: Variables, plots, loops  How to compare ERPs in a statistical way: confidence intervals and bootstrapping  EEG spectrum and spectrogram: from time to frequency and time-frequency  More on spectrum: windowing and zero padding  Analysis of coupled rhythms: covariance and coherence  Filtering, filtering, and filtering!  Cross-frequency coupling and Hilbert transform  Brain states in sleep and Hidden Markov Model Hamed Yeganegi, PhD researcher in systems neuroscience, Technical University of Munich, Germany, is the instructor of this course. He is also a member of German Neuroscience Society (NWG) and Member of Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS). Registration is open until September 4, 2020. Special discount is considered for students. You won’t want to miss this! Don’t hesitate and register from the link below: If you need more information please contact us via Whatsapp or Mail: Whatsapp number: +86 133 8078 1282 Email:


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