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CANCELLED -Cajal course Single cell profiling and analysis in neuroscience

October 12th, 2020 to October 30th, 2020
Bordeaux, France

Single Cell, Cell Profiling, Cell Analysis

About the Event

This course was cancelled due to the pandemic. For more information click here.

Understanding the cellular complexity of the nervous system is a key endeavor in the pursuit to reveal the biological underpinnings of brain function. The recent methodological development of high-throughput single-cell profiling techniques and analysis has emerged as an essential tool for characterizing cellular diversity in the brain offering data sets that hold the promise of being complete, accurate and permanent. This course will teach central ideas, methods, and practices of single cell profiling and hands-on computational analysis through a combination of lectures from prominent international faculty speakers, experimental projects and data analysis workshops.

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The CAJAL Advanced Neuroscience Training Programme

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