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The Brain Prize Meeting 2021: "Neurodevelopmental Disorders - mechanisms and pathways to treatment"

March 1st, 2021 to March 4th, 2021

About the Event

Neurodevelopmental Disorders - mechanisms and pathways to treatment


With international keynote speakers including the 2020 Brain Prize winners, Huda Zoghbi and Adrian Bird, the Lundbeck Foundation Brain Prize meeting aims to bring junior and senior investigators together in a virtual environment to discuss progress and challenges in the field of neurodevelopmental disorder research.

Confirmed speakers are leaders in the field and sessions will cover epigenetics, regulation of gene expression, neuronal and circuit dysfunction, diagnosis, and pathways to treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders. The virtual meeting is free to attend, and all sessions will be live to encourage dialogue and discussion amongst participants.



The virtual meeting is free to attend - Registration on

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