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JobID Position City Country Institution Deadline
21793 Post-doctoral position Edinburgh UK The University of Edinburgh 2019/04/22
21792 Post-doctoral position Genova Italy University of Genova 2019/04/18
21783 Ph.D. Student Innsbruck Austria Medical University Innsbruck 2019/04/06
21780 Post-doctoral position Canberra Australia Australian National University 2019/04/29
21779 Post-doctoral position London UK University College London
21771 Post-doctoral position Washington, DC USA National Institute of Mental Health, National Institutes of Health 2019/04/04
21769 Ph.D. Student Lisbon Portugal Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon 2019/03/28
21767 PhD Position in Neural Circuits & Sleep Bern Switzerland University of Bern
21766 Postdoctoral Position in Neural Circuits & Sleep Bern Switzerland University of Bern
21764 Post-doctoral position St. Louis USA Washington University School of Medicine
21763 Post-doctoral position Leuven Belgium VIB 2019/05/01
21761 Post-doctoral position Regensburg Germany Universität Regensburg
21760 Ph.D. Student Lausanne Switzerland EPFL-SV-BMI-UPGRAEFF 2019/05/01
21759 Ph.D. Student Leuven Belgium VIB 2019/05/01
21748 Ph.D. Student Lausanne Switzerland EPFL 2019/04/15
21746 Ph.D. Student Genova Italy Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
21739 Post-doctoral position Oxford UK University of Oxford 2019/04/05
21738 Post-doctoral position Paris France Brain and Spine Institute - ICM , Paris
21736 Post-doctoral position Cambridge UK University of Cambridge 2019/03/22
21734 Ph.D. Student Osnabrück Germany University Osnabrück 2019/03/03
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How to become a FENS member

FENS currently represents 43 European neuroscience societies with 22.000 member scientists from 33 European countries.

Are you not yet a member of your national society? Then, please click the 'join FENS' button at the top right of this page, enter your details and an application will be sent to your preferred Society and therefore also to FENS.


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EJN Best Publication Award 2019

This biennial award recognises the best original research article published in EJN over the preceding two-year period (published or accepted in 2017 and 2018). It is a personal award of 3,000 £.

Deadline for application: 31 March 2019