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JobID Position City Country Institution Deadline
25751 Ph.D. Student Copenhagen Denmark University of Copenhagen 2019/11/04
25747 Post-doctoral position Heraklion Greece Foundation of Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH) 2019/11/30
25745 Mathias Schmidt München MPI of Psychiatry
25739 Post-doctoral position in Systems Neuroscience Sydney Australia University of New South Wales Sydney 2019/11/17
25736 Post-doctoral position Bern Switzerland University of Bern - Inselspital University Hospital
25724 Post-doctoral position Boston USA Tufts University School of Medicine
25716 Ph.D. Student Magdeburg Germany Leibniz Institute for Neuroscience 2019/11/30
25714 Post-doctoral position Edinburgh UK University of Edinburgh 2019/12/31
24418 Post-doctoral position Gothenburg Sweden University of Gothenburg 2019/10/31
24314 Ph.D. Student Regensburg Germany University of Regensburg 2019/11/01
25699 Post-doctoral position Cambridge UK University of Cambridge 2019/10/31
25693 Ph.D. Student Innsbruck Austria University of Innsbruck, Austria 2019/12/31
25686 Professor Blacksburg USA Virginia Tech -Virginia Polytechnic Institute 2020/04/14
25685 Post-doctoral position STRASBOURG France Université de Strasbourg 2019/12/20
25680 Ph.D. Student Quebec City Canada CERVO Brain Research Center
25677 Post-doctoral position Sheffield UK Sheffield University 2019/11/07
25674 Ph.D. Student Magdeburg Germany Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg (OvGU) 2019/11/16
25670 Ph.D. Student Osnabrueck Germany University of Osnabrueck 2019/11/11
25669 Post-doctoral position BORDEAUX France Neurocentre Magendie 2020/03/01
25665 Ph.D. Student Szeged Hungary BioTalentum Ltd and Szeged University
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How to become a FENS member

FENS currently represents 43 European neuroscience societies with 22.000 member scientists from 33 European countries.

Are you not yet a member of your national society? Then, please click the 'join FENS' button at the top right of this page, enter your details and an application will be sent to your preferred Society and therefore also to FENS.


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Advanced imaging techniques for cellular and systems neuroscience

Improve your imaging skills by attending this Cajal hands-on training course. Applications are open.

Venue: Bordeaux School of Neuroscience, France
Date: 23 March - 10 April 2020

Deadline: 16 December 2019.