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How to become a FENS member

FENS currently represents 43 European neuroscience societies with 22.000 member scientists from 33 European countries.

Are you not yet a member of your national society? Then, please click the 'join FENS' button at the top right of this page, enter your details and an application will be sent to your preferred Society and therefore also to FENS.


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Join us for Brain Awareness Week 2019

Funding is available to support events organised during the Brain Awareness Week 2019 in Europe.

Apply now for a BAW grant and boost your project.

Deadline: 21 January 2019.


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Boost your technical skills

The following Cajal hands-on courses are open for applications:

Brain Homeostasis and Neurovascular Coupling
19 May - 8 June 2019
Deadline: 3 February

Biosensors and actuators for cellular and systems neuroscience
23 June – 13 July 2019
Deadline: 4 March

Interacting with neural circuits
14 July – 3 August 2019
Deadline: 11 March

Computational Neuroscience
11-31 August 2019
Deadline: 11 March