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The Job Market consists of a searchable database linked to the website of FENS. It features thousands of international job opportunities at all levels from student, post-doc, to senior academics, including professorships. FENS invites all principal investigators and administrators from academic or pharma to post open job vacancies on the FENS Job Market. 
The submission charge per Job Market entry is 80 EUR for non-members. Payment can be made via credit card at the end of the submission. Note that only major credit cards are accepted.

The submission charge is waived for FENS members. Simply log on to the FENS website and submit your job advertisement. For instructions on how to log on as a FENS member, please click here.

For instructions on how to become a FENS member, please click here.


Once your job ad has been published, please email us at if you'd like to modify it.

Please check your input. If everything looks okay, press "finish" to insert the Job Ad into our database. In case you've discovered a mistake, press "edit" to correct it.

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