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Post-doctoral position in London/UK

22 February 2017

Post-doctoral position in London/UK

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A Postdoctoral Research Fellowship is available in the Laboratory of Synaptic plasticity and Repair of Imperial College London, starting immediately.

The aim of this project is to gain new and fundamental insights into the cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate the regeneration of adult neocortical circuits. We have previously demonstrated that certain populations of cortical neurons exhibit enhanced spontaneous regenerative capacity compared to others, and we are now interested in understanding the mechanisms responsible for this differential response to injury. Our goal is to develop effective strategies to enhance functional axon and synaptic regeneration (Holtmaat et al Nature protocols 2009; Canty et al Nature Communications 2013; Grillo et al Nature Neuroscience 2015).

We use an interdisciplinary approach and facilities accessible for this project include setups for combined electrophysiological and imaging studies, including five 2-photon microscopes, all optical stimulation and activity recordings in awake animals, light-sheet and super-resolution microscopes including SIM, PALM, STORM and STED.

London together with Cambridge and Oxford, only 1h train-ride away, represent one of the largest and most vibrant neuroscience communities in the world, with outstanding seminars and opportunities for collaboration. Imperial College London (ICL) is consistently rated among the world's best universities with a reputation for excellence in neurotechnology and clinical neuroscience.

Requirements for the position: PhD or MD-PhD degree and strong publication record.

Required Expertise: Candidates with in vivo optogenetics, electrophysiology or calcium imaging experience will be preferred.

Applications, including CV, list of publications and statement of research interests should be sent to Dr. Vincenzo De Paola ( Applicants should arrange to have at least two confidential letters of reference sent by referees to this email.

Job Information

Contract length:
3-5 years
Imperial College London
Institute of Clinical Sciences

Contact Information

Vincenzo De Paola
Du Cane Road,
Hammersmith Hospital Campus,
W12 0NN, London, UK

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