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Ph.D. Student in Alicante/Spain

17 June 2017

Ph.D. Student in Alicante/Spain

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We are accepting applications for a fully funded PhD student fellowship in physiology of synaptic transmission. The focus will be on the biophysics and/or molecular biology of synaptic vesicle trafficking and exocytosis in presynaptic terminals.

Synapses have traditionally been thought to function as straightforward relays of information between neurons. However, it is now becoming clear that presynaptic function is extensively modulated at the level of individual synapses, and that the modulation determines how information is processed in neural circuits. Multiple synaptic vesicle trafficking mechanisms are involved. Work in our lab is focused on developing a comprehensive understanding of how the mechanisms interact and how they are modulated, with the long-term goal of understanding the first principles of biological computation.

Applicants should send their CV to The successful candidate will work in a small team using a variety of techniques including: electrophysiology; optical imaging; and molecular biology. Mentorship for future career development will be a top priority.

The Institute of Neurosciences in Alicante, Spain, is one of the centers of excellence in Neuroscience in Europe, fully dedicated to the study of modern Neuroscience from development to biological computation and primary causes of disease. It provides an excellent training environment with vibrant research and international faculty and students.

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4 years
Instituto de Neurociencias

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John F. Wesseling
Instituto de Neurociencias
Avda. Santiago Ramon y Cajal, s/n
03550 San Juan de Alicante
+34 965 91 92 00

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