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Post-doctoral position in New Haven/USA

10 August 2017

Post-doctoral position in New Haven/USA

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New Haven/USA


A postdoctoral position is open at Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology, New Haven, Connecticut for a candidate with a PhD in either neuroscience or biophysics who has training in patch clamp electrophysiology and functional imaging of calcium and transmembrane voltage signals in brain slices. The project involves mechanisms of signal integration at the level of individual dendritic spines investigated by a combination of patch electrode recording and stimulation, 2-photon glutamate uncaging, voltage-sensitive dye recording, laser light excitation of voltage probes, and computer-generated holography patterned illumination based on spatial light modulator. The position is for 2 years. To apply, please send CV, a brief statement of research background and interests and contact information for 2 reference letters to Dejan Zecevic

Job Information

Closing date:
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Contract length:
2 years
Yale University School of Medicine
Department of cellular and molecular physiology

Contact Information

Dejan Zecevic
Yale University School of Medicine
Dept C/M Physiology
333 Cedar St
New Haven, CT

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