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Ph.D. Student in Dresden/Germany

10 October 2017

Ph.D. Student in Dresden/Germany

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The Department of Psychology, Human Communication Research Group (Prof. Dr. Katharina von Kriegstein) invites applications for two PhD student positions. The positions are available at the next possible date. The positions are initially limited to 3 years. A contract extension for a fourth year is possible.

The main research goal of the two positions is to investigate behavioural and neuroscience principles of voice and face perception in neurotypical populations as well as in populations with developmental person recognition deficits (i.e. phonagnosia and prosopagnosia). The positions are part of the Human Communication Research Group led by Prof. Dr. Katharina von Kriegstein. The group is currently based at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig ( and will be newly established at the TU Dresden.

The TU Dresden offers an excellent, interdisciplinary scientific environment. Research and teaching will be carried out at the Department of Psychology of the TU Dresden, which houses the Neuroimaging Centre at the TU Dresden ( The centre is equipped with a research-only 3-Tesla MRI machine, MRI-compatible eye tracking, EEG systems, and a neurostimulation unit including neuronavigaton, TMS and tDCS devices. All experimental facilities are supported by experienced physics and IT staff. For analyses with high computational demands, there is access to the TU Dresden high-performance computing clusters. There are also strong existing collaborations with the MPI-CBS in Leipzig involving 7Tesla-MRI, Connectome scanner, and MEG data acquisitions.

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TU Dresden

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Prof. Dr. med. Katharina von Kriegstein
Technische Universität Dresden
Bamberger Str. 7, 01187 Dresden, Germany

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